Welcome to Bald&Bearded! This is the first post, or maiden voyage, if you will, of my Blog. BUT, before you smash that bottle of champagne on your computer, let me continue. Whilst contemplating my life in the business, I felt compelled to loose my hysteria on the interwebs and what better forum than a blog?!? Old Facebook is reliable and Twitter is fun. Like Instagram, these are a fun and immediate means of expressing oneself (or so Miley tells us), but I wanted something I could expound on further. And, here we go!

There are myriad cliché stories about characters you grew up coming alive before your eyes. 

And here’s another!

After two weeks in the studio with Scoob & the Gang, Scooby Doo! The Mystery of the Pyramid is up and running! Watching this incredibly talented cast breathe new life into this classic cartoon was truly a pleasure. What an opportunity! The first stop on our International Tour: Cairo, Egypt! Not only will we get to see the actual pyramids on the company dime, but we also get to perform a show set in Egypt in Egypt. With the entire operation based out of Lebanon, this is one of the more unorthodox projects I’ve taken part in. As we’re the first American cast to work on it, we’ve encountered one or two cultural hurdles, but I think the youth of the Middle East will enjoy our interpretation. For all the shenanigans and hijinks this new adventure most assuredly will have, keep it locked right here on Bald&Bearded!